Tips for students, new grads, and all aspiring UXers on getting a first design job that excites you.

About Me

I’m Gaby. I graduated from Stanford in Spring 2018 with newfound dreams of becoming a UX designer. Unfortunately, college graduation left me with an irrelevant biology degree and no UX-related work experience. Still, a little over a year later, I had a UX design job offer from Google.

This article describes my journey towards landing this first UX design gig. Like most worthwhile things, it was challenging, and with challenge comes growth. So, I’m writing this article as a letter of guidance to my younger self. I hope my small insights will be useful to anyone who is looking to jumpstart their career in UX. …


Gaby Gayles

Documenting insights about humanity, culture, and design. // Self-experimenter, UX Designer @ Google.

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